Meet Eli Murphy





Many people do lots of nice things for good organizations but we want to introduce

our youngest and most enthusiastic supporter. Meet Eli Murphy.


Eli is a University School student in Nashville, TN. He loves to play golf,

hang out with his friends and family, and play the drums. All good stuff right?

Right. But what makes him extra special is he gets what life is… beyond his world.

You see Eli has been fortunate to travel and experience places and see things,

more than your average kid, and in so doing he’s had the opportunity to see that

life is not always “ about him.”




Last year Eli turned 13 and for his mitzvah (an act of human kindness in the Jewish religion) he chose to help raise money for the Juri Bunetta Friendship

Foundation. He did so by having a drum-a-thon, asking his friends, family and just about anyone he knew to pledge whatever they could for every minute he played his drums- NON STOP!

After 60 minutes of non stop drumming Eli raised  over $2,000.00 on our behalf !!!

Thank you, Eli.


“It is satisfying to experience first hand the future generation of good people doing good things in an effort to make this a better place.”


If you would like to be a part of our “MUG SHOT” gallery. Send a check for $40.00 (or more!) to JBFF at the address below. Or go to our web site for on-line buying. When you receive your mug, send us a photo of “ you and your MUG !! “……. include a little story if you’d care to share.  A gallery of photo’s will be posted on our web site and Facebook page in September.


Unconditional friendship, make people smile, do the right thing.


Providing rescue, safety and strength. Your support will help the homeless, teens in crisis and others with life changing emergencies.


Juri Bunetta Friendship Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


The Juri Bunetta Friendship Foundation, 33 Music Sq. West, Suite 102-B, Nashville, TN 37203

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