Juri Bunetta Tribute Video


Who is Juri Bunetta?


Having been raised for the first 5 years of his life in an orphanage in Riga, Latvia Juris’ sense of home and safety were rather unstable.  This clearly continued to resinate after he was adopted and brought to the United States.  Once mastering the English language he was asked the proverbial question, “ What do you want to do when you grow up?” His immediate response, “I want to build houses for the poor people, no one should live on the street.” This little kid got what life was about. After the 9/11 tragedy took place he was in the 3rd grade. Students were asked to comment, he said, “we just need to rebuild the towers again.”


He wanted to know that his friends and family were safe. On May 4, 2010, during the 100 year flood of Nashville and surrounding communities he went out on a limb for many, especially his friends and drove his dad’s 4 -wheel drive truck around getting some safely home. Helping people who’s car ran out of gas, picking up an occasional stranger and getting them to their destination took place without any need for recognition or reward.


This angel of a young man went on to tackle otherworldly needs on January 8, 2011. And so, in the spirit of Juri who brought love, light and laughter to many, this foundation will carry on to help build, rebuild, and save some of those in need.


Your generous contributions will be used to prosper the likes of Safe Haven of Nashville, Gallatin Cares of Sumner County and others. Perhaps one day we will see an end to homelessness and bring light, laughter and love to those who make it off the streets.


Thank you Juri for your kindness.


Providing rescue, safety and strength. Your support will help the homeless, teens in crisis and others with life changing emergencies.


Juri Bunetta Friendship Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


The Juri Bunetta Friendship Foundation, 414 Neals Lane, Gallatin, TN 37066

friendshipfoundation2013 (at) gmail (dot) com, www.jbfriendship.org